Saturday, October 22, 2011

Descriptive Writing : With Christ in my Vessel

“It’s not some kind of race this time, it’s a wonderful moment to take a pause and reflect on God’s wondrous creation…”
 It’s nearly sundown when we were still battling whether to go kayaking or not, after a boisterous kite-flying mania. Fun. Spontaneous. Adventurous. Finally, in a jiffy, we decided to seize the odds! Ready your vessel nomads, we’re off to feast eyes on every side of the lake! Still a novice, I was on the process of learning the correct strokes of paddling and rowing. Good thing, we had an expert with us, so it wasn’t pretty hard to set the sail. Looking at others though made me laugh my gut out. The group of greenhorns was clearly out of direction! Swerving everywhere, they didn’t have the coordination and oneness so they ended up circling around the lake with jerks and jolts, splashing lake water everywhere! Meanwhile, we were at ease, carrying it smoothly and enjoying the scenery around. Oh, things you see when in the middle of the lake! The tender warmth of the lake water, the quiet rustle of branches and leaves encircling the area, the overwhelming sight of evergreen trees, the gentle wind hovering around adding up to the feel of the moment, the oh-so familiar sound of the crickets, the audible swishing of the ripples, and the indescribable mirror image of sunset’s glow behind us --- such a staggering and splendid moment for me, filling my heart with unfathomable rejoicing! An instinctive smile began to form in my innocent face, once again a first-hand witness of the Highest Power’s majestic creations! Truly uncontainable, we began thanking the Lord for the breathtaking encounter. With peace in our hearts, singing the song, “With Christ in my Vessel”, we dared to keep paddling forward, ready to face what’s ahead with the uplifting knowledge that our Amazing God is with us withersoever we goest.

           As I go back to that wondrous moment, words of a certain Preacher keep flooding in my mind, “Let yourself be the willing vessel, which God can direct and use in season and out of season. Tempest of the tempests may come to test, if you let yourself be that vessel, victory surely awaits...”

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